March 30th, 2020

Why does the PKV continue to produce?


Packaging material is urgently needed in the food and medical goods industry, especially in times of pandemics.

Without appropriate packaging material, the transport of important goods such as food or medical supplies, but also of other goods for daily needs, is hardly possible. The PKV uses waste paper to produce the raw material for corrugated board and cardboard packaging, which is even in greater demand at present during the coronavirus pandemic. This is the most important reason why PKV continues to produce while strongly protecting its employees: What we produce is needed!

PKV takes the health of its employees, customers, partners, suppliers and visitors very seriously. We want to do everything we can to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Currently (as of 03/30/2020), we fortunately do not have a single Covid-19 illness among our employees.

Our protective measures include (always in accordance with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and coordinated with the health department of the district of Friesland):

  • Intensive education of employees about necessary hygiene measures via poster and app
  • Intensification of cleaning and disinfection
  • Reduction of internal meetings to the absolute minimum necessary
  • Compliance with the distance and time requirements of the RKI for shift handovers, etc.
  • Suspension of all business trips and professional visits in PKV as far as possible
  • Visits by external partners only by persons who have not been in a risk area
  • Domestic quarantine for employees who have been in a risk area as defined by our authorities.
  • Isolation of contacts in gatehouse and canteen.
  • Separation of own employees and external visitors in two different canteen buildings
  • Preventive isolation / home office for system-critical departments
  • Daily situation assessment by a crisis team and adaptation of measures to the situation

We too are concerned about the impact of the pandemic on the highly networked global economy and its logistics chains. In view of the spread of the virus, problems in the logistics chains cannot be ruled out in the future, despite all the preparations. At present, however, we are not yet faced with such challenges.