February 25th, 2020

Latvian interns get to know everyday working life at PKV

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With the visit programme, PKV supports the international exchange of trainees – an exciting learning effect also for its own junior staff.

From left: Merlin Vagt, Rolands Stepanovics, Agris Gavars and Annika Stiefs.

For the second time, Latvian trainees from the metal training course of the Riga State Technical School have visited companies in Varel and the BBS-Varel for a four-week internship abroad. The two dedicated interns Rolands Stepanovičs and Agris Gavars worked for the first 14 days at the Deharde company and then at the paper and board mill in Varel, where they were supervised by the head of mechanical maintenance, Frank Essig, the human resources manager Aylin Renken and the training manager Dierk Gröne. The two trainees were assisted daily by the trainees Annika Stiefs, Merlin Vagt and Loris Wiese. It was also an exciting challenge for them to expand their English professionally. In addition, their task was to guide their Latvian colleagues safely through their work tasks and to help with machine operation – which succeeded very well thanks to high motivation on all sides! In return, students from Varel are also given the opportunity to spend a small part of their education abroad, financed by the “ERASMUS+” programme.

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