May 26th, 2021

Reliable food safety: PKV production certified again

Company Press

In Varel, the highest standards prevail in the production of packaging material for the food industry – PKV has now received another important certificate for this.

Highest standards: food packaging based on PKV cardboard

The production of paper and cardboard from Varel is now certified by TÜV according to the ISO 22000 standard, which is important for the food industry. This means that the demanding hygiene management of PKV production, which has already been certified, meets a new standard that is recognised worldwide in the industry.

“With the ISO 22000 certificate, we are documenting the highest food safety requirements to our customers,” says PKV shareholder Kristian Evers. “We also see this certificate as a big step towards uniform and reliable standards in the supply chain for the food industry – a plus for all consumers as well.” PKV products are used, for example, as packaging for muesli, baked goods, fruit and vegetables or frozen products. The certificate according to ISO 22000 certifies that in paper and cardboard production, a maximum level of food safety is guaranteed for these packaging materials through constantly controlled processes.

Company Press