June 22nd, 2021

PKV donation enables first-aid course for children

Company Press

PKV has donated 2,500 euros to support the DRK project “Trau dich! (be brave!) No one is too small to be a helper!”

This group from the kindergarten in Neuenburg Castle started the DRK project, which is offered at primary schools and kindergartens in Varel and the Frisian Wehde.

With our annual large donation, we support charitable projects for a safe, healthy and social coexistence. This is in line with our self-image as a family-owned, medium-sized company with the highest standards of occupational safety and environmental protection.

2021 geht die Großspende an das In 2021, the major donation will go to the German Red Cross (Kreisverband Varel – Friesische Wehde e.V.) so that the “Trau dich!” project can be implemented free of charge at kindergartens and primary schools in Varel and the Frisian Wehde. In the project, volunteers teach children to develop a positive attitude towards first aid.

The project aims to help reduce fears and gain practical experience that encourages and empowers children to help in an emergency. These experiences also help children grow into strong and self-confident personalities. In the project, they learn, among other things, about different types of injuries with their characteristics and the associated dangers. Afterwards, they will be able to perform simple first aid measures on their own.

The donation from PKV makes a significant contribution to the fact that the DRK can now offer this project free of charge in kindergartens and primary schools and cover the associated material and travel costs as well as honorary allowances.

More information on this project (and a way to donate yourself) can be found on the Betterplace donation platform: https://www.betterplace.org/en/projects/85385

Company Press