September 22nd, 2020

Quality cardboard: Varel invests heavily

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With forward-looking investments in its cardboard production, Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel (PKV) continues to consistently implement its strategy program totaling 280 million euros.
In a very wide range of cardboard products, the high basis weights have always been a speciality of the Varel company.

Engineers and fitters are currently putting the finishing touches to important investments in the equipment of the PKV board production: board machine 2 will soon be able to use a completely new online sheeter, and the sheeter of board machine 3 has been extensively modernized. Both lines from the renowned Spanish manufacturer Pasaban will thus ensure even higher quality in board production in the future. Among other things, through further improved precision cutting to the state of the art, higher availability and thus greater cutting capacity, in order to be prepared for further investments in the board machines.

“High-quality cardboard made from recovered paper is sustainable, flexible and resilient – this product has a future,” says PKV shareholder Kristian Evers. “In Varel, we have always taken care to be as broadly positioned as possible for our customers. These investments are taking us further forward in this process – together with our distinctive know-how, particularly in the high basis weights.”

Cardboard is produced in Varel in basis weights between 350 and 1400 g/m2, as grey or brown board, GD or GT and laminated quality. All products are FSC certified and recyclable in accordance with the EN 13430 standard. Customers use the versatile and high-quality products in the food industry, for industrial solutions, point-of-sale packaging or, for example, for resilient shipping envelopes made of brown board. In cooperation with PKV’s sister company Jade-Pack, PKV board and paper are also used to produce special solutions for the most demanding technical requirements in the packaging of foodstuffs and industrial goods.

Further investments in cardboard production are in preparation, such as a modernization of stock preparation. The Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel will develop its mill to a production capacity of one million tons of corrugated board papers as well as cardboard in the coming years. The raw material for this remains – as it has since 1950 – recycled waste paper. At the same time, PKV continues to improve its energy efficiency through numerous investments. All these projects are part of a seven-year strategy programme with a total volume of around 280 million euros that PKV is currently implementing to strengthen and modernise the location.

Company Products