April 12th, 2024

Renovation of PKV warehouse on the home stretch after fire damage

One year after the fire, the renovation of the damaged PKV warehouse on the former barracks site in Varel is nearing completion. The delivery times for concrete parts in particular have determined the duration of this repair.

Company Press

After the fire before Easter 2023 and a thorough damage analysis, it was clear that, among other things, eleven large concrete trusses (the “cross beams” under the roof) needed to be replaced. The delivery time of several months for these specially manufactured parts was one of the main reasons why the project took more than a year to complete. It was therefore already foreseeable in summer 2023: The waste paper warehouse would not be usable again before mid-2024. At the same time, PKV worked with the insurer and the local fire departments to analyse the fire and further optimize the technical and organizational fire protection concept.

The new concrete trusses have now been installed so that the “reinforced concrete skeleton” of the hall is complete again. Various remaining works are now due to be completed by the summer months. In total, the fire and the renovation have caused financial damage of almost four million euros. In addition, such a renovation project involves complex teamwork with internal and external experts, which requires many hundreds of hours of work. We would like to thank everyone involved for their effective and cooperative collaboration.

Company Press