February 28th, 2024

Giant puzzle machine plan: Flexibility meets team spirit

Every day, machine plans ensure that our customer orders are processed as efficiently and on time as possible. Who creates them – and what challenges do the planners face?

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As soon as customer orders arrive, work preparation begins: the so-called planners at PKV check the feasibility of the orders in terms of deadlines and use the software to create machine plans. “We combine the specific cardboard formats with different laminating papers so that there is little waste on the machines,” says Jesko Lampe (planner of KM2), explaining individual work processes. “The aim of effective machine planning is of course to ensure that every customer receives their ordered quantity of goods on time,” adds colleague Jens Meyer (Planner PM 4).

Complex quantity management

Mateusz Mlodawski, also a planner in the cardboard division, compares the creation of the machine plans to a complex jigsaw puzzle: “We try to fit all the orders together like individual pieces to form an optimal whole. However, the overall picture of the puzzle is constantly changing.” This is because it is not uncommon for a machine plan to have to be rearranged, sometimes even completely changed at short notice.

Unpredictability as a constant companion

Work scheduling constantly takes into account internal and external factors that influence production processes and therefore machine schedules. It can happen that the planners have to change the entire program shortly before closing time due to these factors. This calls for responsiveness and reliable routines within the team.

Flexibility meets team strength

In addition to Jesko Lampe and Mateusz Mlodawski, Oliver Cop and Andreas Meska make up the work preparation team in the cardboard department. Jens Meyer, Christoph Jackenkroll and Yannik Westie plan the paper machines for the paper department. Fast communication and effective coordination are a matter of course for the planners thanks to digital networking. “We often don’t know what’s coming up every day,” says Yannik Westie, “but our strength is our flexibility. We always get feedback from our customers that we do a good job. Jesko Lampe emphasizes: “Our large number of regular customers also shows their trust in our work.”

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