JadeProtec® light

Multilayer, lightweight carton composite for fruit and vegetable packaging (trays and trays), for dry and fatty foods. Suitable for disposable tableware and fast food.
100% plastic free Direct food contact leightweight printable recyclable


The packaging of fruit and vegetables places high demands on the technical properties of the cardboard used. Trays and crates must be as lightweight as possible, but at the same time remain stable for the packer and in logistics in order to shine at the POS afterwards.
JadeProtec® light with brown, black or white surface. Plastic-free, sustainable, environmentally friendly. Very good printability, also in digital printing, excellent whiteness as well as outstanding running and processing properties.


Paper-cardboard composite for the production of folding cartons,
Trays, bowls, pots, plant and flower packaging,
Liner for special corrugated cardboard, honeycombs,

Delivery portfolio

  • Composite material paper-cardboard
  • Recycled Fresh Fiber Composite
  • plastic-free
  • Roll width 800 - 1650mm
  • Roller diameter 800 mm - 2100 mm
  • Sheets for further processing
  • Formats as punched blanks or intermediate layers

Technical data

  • Grammage: 290 to 500 g/m²
  • Colours: white, brown, black


  • Certified for direct food contact
  • Fiber FSC® certified
  • Composite material 100% recyclable

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