April 7th, 2022

PKV publishes first sustainability report

Company Press Sustainability

With its first sustainability report, PKV documents its strategy for sustainable development according to independently verified standards. The report provides information about goals, successes and challenges on the way to making production as climate-neutral as possible.

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“We want to make our contribution to ecologically perfect packaging,” says PKV shareholder Kristian Evers. “Our business model itself is sustainable, we have been recycling waste paper since 1950. But we also have challenges to overcome – our industry still needs large amounts of energy, despite strong efficiency gains in recent decades.”

The first PKV Sustainability Report is therefore also a contribution to public transparency around the paper industry’s opportunities and challenges on the path to climate neutrality. In the report, PKV (like more than 700 companies in Germany by now) discloses its goals and successes, but also challenges, in key aspects of sustainable development for the year 2020 according to the criteria of the nationally and internationally recognised German Sustainability Code (DNK).

A key objective is to further improve the energy efficiency of paper and board production. This is a focus of PKV’s current 280 million euro investment programme. By 2025, the aim is to achieve a further 10 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne of finished product by our own efforts, over and above the savings already achieved, compared to 2018.

“The path to climate neutrality lies ahead of us,” says Kristian Evers. “This path will largely depend on political framework conditions and technical course-setting, especially around the sourcing and use of renewable energies. In addition to a consistent focus on energy savings in our production process, we currently see the challenges in the availability of “green” energy and in the regulatory and business framework conditions.”

PKV’s sustainability report is available online at www.pkvarel.com/en/sustainability/ and in the database of the German Sustainability Code www.deutscher-nachhaltigkeitskodex.de/en-gb/. PKV will update this report at regular intervals and provide information on successes and challenges in relation to the goals it has set itself.

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