January 4th, 2023

PKV: 4000 Euro for charitable projects

From boßel clubs and soccer teams to elementary schools, a donation program for PKV employees again helped advance numerous volunteer projects in the region in 2022.

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The E1 youth of TuS Obenstrohe also benefited from a PKV donation

Cohesion and commitment are important professional values at PKV. The company therefore welcomes all the more the fact that many colleagues are also intensively involved in good causes in their private lives. In the “PKV Extra” donation program, PKV provides annual funds to act as a donor or sponsor for projects in which employees are themselves active volunteers. It is also possible to apply for these grants via an app on the company’s social intranet, and the award is decided by lot. In 2022, PKV was able to support a total of 16 projects at these associations, projects and institutions with the help of its employees:

  • Boßelverein Büppel
  • Förderverein Gemeinschaftsplatz Rüstersiel
  • Förderverein Grundschule Büppel
  • Förderverein Orts- und Jugendfeuerwehr Zetel
  • Hundsmühler TV
  • KBV Liek ut Schortens
  • KBV Reitland, Steeldart
  • Wilhelmshavener Schwimm- und Sportverein
  • Rasteder Musiktage
  • Schützenverein Marx
  • TuS Obenstrohe
  • TuS Varel 09

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