JadeProtec® Multishield S

Highly effective composite material with internal barrier of ultra-thin film. Recyclable, because separable. Not extruded.
diffusion-tight Direct food contact gas-tight greaseproof highest temperature resistance printable recyclable sealable waterproof


Highly efficient, optimised composite for technical packaging requirements with excellent migration barrier against moisture, gases and greases. The invisible barrier layer and the high resistance to gases make Multishield S an invisible all-rounder in the packaging sector. Recyclable, minimal use of plastic.


Cardboard for use in food packaging, as disposable packaging for fast food or for the production of disposable tableware (plates, bowls, underlay). Minimal use of film for optimum barrier function. The proportion of secondary fibres in the composite is up to 99%, making JadeProtec® Multishield S particularly sustainable.
Suitable for direct food contact. High temperature resistance, suitable for product use from -20°C to +160°C.

For layer pads, palletizing, compartments, honeycomb, folding box production.

Delivery portfolio

  • Composite material Recycled paper or cardboard
  • Fiber content up to 99 percent
  • waterproof
  • oil-tight
  • superior processing characteristics
  • Temperature resistance min -20°C / max +250°C
  • Roll width 800 - 1650mm
  • Roller diameter 800 mm - 2100 mm
  • Sheets for further processing
  • Formats as punched blanks or intermediate layers

Technical data

  • Grammage: 80 to 850 g/m²
  • Colours: white, brown


  • Certified for direct food contact
  • Fiber FSC® certified
  • Composite material 100% recyclable

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